Dinnerdate "Hearts on Fire"

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For all the lovers amongst you 
Restaurant "Hearts on Fire".....
The restaurant is suited near the harbor of Nizza......A luxurious yacht will bring you to a small isle where the restaurant resides.....Our staff expects you there and will guide you to your table, where you and your lover can expect a romantic dinner and evening.....After dinner we will serve you cocktails, whiskeys and cigarrs of your choice......Take a seat in the lounge area to hold your baby tight or just have a good conversation......Our pianist will accompany you through the night, Dancing the night away.....Romantic music and restrained staff will let you forget reality.....After your stay the yacht will bring you back to mainland, a limousine is waiting to bring you to the destination you prefere, your hotel, or one of the fantastic clubs of Nizza. You will be waited on as if you and your Date where in a real restaurant. 
André & Suzette hope you will enjoy the atmosphäre and have an hopefully unforgettable stay with us.
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